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25 June 2017

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23 June 2017

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21 June 2017

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20 June 2017

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19 June 2017

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Cochon noir
16 June 2017

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Ustensiles de cuisine
15 June 2017

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Arrêt de bus
26 May 2017

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les beignets birmans
2 August 2016

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Myanmar 11
30 October 2015

Recent Comments

L'Angevine on mosquée
bien ce graphisme

Devi on mosquée
Nice details here !

Hiro on mosquée
excellent architecture

L'Angevine on Vieille église

Shaun on mosquée
A superb image of this mosque. Excellent detail, nice angle.

Devi on Vieille église
Aw looks so desolate !

Hiro on Vieille église
It was more beautiful in the past...

Shaun on Vieille église
A superb image of this building. I hope that it might be renovated, as it looks worth saving.

L'Angevine on Tombe
bien cette croix

tataray on Vieille église
Elle devait être très belle. Mais là à besoin de restauration. )

omid on Tombe

L'Angevine on Salon
bien ces paniers

Devi on Tombe
what an ancient tomb here !!

Shaun on Tombe
A real old tomb. Excellent find.

omid on Salon
Amazing !!!

Ellebelle on Salon
Strange and interesting!! Bones, skuls, old baskets .... can you explain what I'm looking at exactly?

L'Angevine on Fromager
bien ces bandes de la racine

Devi on Salon
how interesting..a rather scary image...of abandonment..decay....

Hiro on Salon
So creative !!

Shaun on Salon
A superb and very interesting image. 5*

tataray on Salon
Étrange composition ? ...

Devi on Fromager
Amazing !!!!!!

L'Angevine on Poteries
bien travaillé

Shaun on Fromager
A superb image of this great tree. I wonder how old this is ?

Hiro on Fromager
Amazing !!

jpla on Fromager
Quel bel arbre ! JP

Devi on Poteries
a candid shot...Involved with her work!

L'Angevine on Pirogues

Hiro on Poteries
nice street capture

Shaun on Poteries
Excellent image of daily life and work. 5*

Anne on Poteries
Jolie scène.

omid on Poteries
very nice shot! Amazing!

L'Angevine on Regards sur l'eau

Shaun on Pirogues
A very tranquil scene. I like the boats in this image.

Devi on Pirogues
how calm and serene the place is ! Lovely image !

Hiro on Pirogues
nice capture

Nina on Regards sur l'eau
beautiful capture of nature :))

Devi on Regards sur l'eau
How peaceful this place looks

L'Angevine on impatiens

Shaun on Regards sur l'eau
Excellent landscape. Great scene.

omid on impatiens
Lovely !!!!

Shaun on impatiens
A wonderful plant, easy to grow and great as a houseplant as well as in the garden. Excellent image.

Devi on impatiens
superb shot of these vinca flowers :)

L'Angevine on Cochon noir

tataray on impatiens
Magnifique. )

Hiro on impatiens
Lovely color !

omid on Cochon noir
A M A Z I N G !

L'Angevine on Ustensiles de cuisine

Shaun on Cochon noir
A superb capture of this animal. Great color.

tataray on Cochon noir
De quoi s'ébattre tranquillement. )

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